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Time reverse skin care with the revolutionary RE-YOUTH COMPLEX.

Application procedure

Zur Applikaion

CP Permanent Maker de Luxe

The treatment with the CP Permantent Maker de Luxe can be slightly painful, which can lead to a reflex reaction of the eyelids and cause abrupt movements. A proven method is to use “EMla Cream 5%”, thanks to which the application of permanent make-up is no longer a problem, even for extremely sensitive people. The cream is only available on prescription, which is why I have been working in cooperation with medical doctors for many years.

My clients usually have the permanent make-up on their eyebrows done without the using of this cream.

Two weeks after the first application, the results can be assessed. If the tint turned out to be too pale, a second application may be required.

The high-quality CP-device was developed by a team of qualified physicists, chemists and engineers, thus guaranteeing the ability to draw perfect lines.



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